Understand the handsfree way to mobility!

How to go handsfree

At IN SUNNY MOOD we sell the straps and decoration to your cell phone. Our straps, necklaces and wristlets will work with nearly all existing phones in the market, and works with most available phone covers. Does that sound like magic? With the universal patch it almost is. Read below to see how it works.


Our mobility necklaces and wristlets all are based on the same technique; On each strap, lanyard, necklace and wristlet from us, there is a patch attached. The patch is attached to the strap with an O-ring, which in turn is attached to two clasps. This construction can vary a bit depending on which style you are considering, but for the most this enables you to use the strap both together with a phone cover with eyelets, and with a phone cover without. Look at the details of the strap of your interest to see what its features are. 

There are many different patches available in the market, and they are of many different materials and sizes. Our basic patch that comes along with all our straps is a black patch in nylon. We selected this patch due to its durability and strength, and all patches have been tested for 5 kg strength. Of course this is not the weight of any cell phone in the market, but we do the test to ensure there are no flaws from the production process.

The universal patch solution works on nearly all phone cases in the market, and is used together with all phones. Since there are so many cases in the market though, you need to double check that the patch and strap from IN SUNNY MOOD works with your case. See below for some basic case styles available.

The patch can be used with both open and covered slots, however we suggest for the cover to have the covered slot in order for the patch to have the most possible support. If you use an open slot cover, our suggestion is that you use glue or tejp to attach the patch to your case. Many use it without those added features but for maximum security this is advised. If your want to find a new cover for your phone, there are many available suppliers in the market.

The below shows the steps you follow to add the patch and the strap to your cover.


Finally we want you to make sure the phone fits well back into the cover in a secure and steady way.

Now you are prepared to enjoy your great looking strap from IN SUNNY MOOD!