Come get sunny with us!

Who we are

Our vision is to create colorful mobility & fashion accents for a life on the go, filled with a lot of wonderful, positive energy. Expressing ourselves with beautiful details that emphasize our personality is a great way of combining function with fun. At IN SUNNY MOOD we have made it our mission to do just that -  contribute to a joyful spirit and a chic look with great design in every day products. 

More than anything we know it's time for this decades most used gadget - the smartphone - to get all the decoration it deserves. We are not so much interested in what is INSIDE the phone (and do support that we stay in the present and look UP!). Rather, we think it's time that the outside look of this "every-day-gadget" gets the chic look it deserves.

It's time for the phone to match the rest of our look and personality - why should it not? Let's pamper the phone and let's do it with practical and smart accents that make our life easier while doing it!

The idea behind IN SUNNY MOOD started in the midst of a raging pandemic. Difficult times has a way of stirring up the imagination and the dreams and hopes of a brighter future was the grain that started to grow. Let's create an oasis of colors, decoration, storing, caring, joy & fun.  

IN SUNNY MOOD is a part of the company PIPOL'S BAZAAR AB, and the company has worked with design and production for the past 16 years. Our experience entails all kinds of fashion accessories and has ranged from bags, cosmetic bags, storage, jewelry, interior details and hair accessories - a list of categories which is still in growth.

We are proud of our products and our co-operations with our producers all over the world. We are also proud and very happy that you want to buy our products - a big thank you for that trust!

Welcome with us on our colorful journey!