Pia! You are the founder of In Sunny Mood - what made you start the brand?

First of all - it's just so much joy to all of us in the team to launch something so happy and energizing in the middle of a quite turbulent time in history. And I would say that is for sure a part of our "raison d'être". I think we need to find the moments of joy even when times are rough.

And for sure we also see there is a gap in the market for our type of product. Function & design in combination with a colorful esthetic with a positive message at its core.

And third but for sure not least, the combination of all the above and a strive for a constant sustainability focus. I have followed One Tree Planted for many years and it feels great to finally be onboard and contribute together with our clients.

You mention the positivity aspect as key to the brand identity - what do you mean by that?

In many ways the look and feel of our products symbolize this - colors and patterns that give positive energy. And many times when life throws you punches I think it's human to look for solace.

Most of us find it comforting to hear the right words that lift us, the (sometimes cheezy..!) aforisms that make us get a different perspective. We can get new ideas for a way forward, feel the warmth of life quotes that puts situations in a different light. We have incorporated this into our DNA of the brand.

Thank you for the chat and see you soon again!

Yes! Let's meet IN SUNNY MOOD.


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