Every time a new season starts, the thrill is combined with anxiety. Samples that turn out different from what was the intention, delays in deliveries, packages that get lost.. This season is a bit special of course - we are launching a new brand! 

Not only do we need to source the products in time for launch and to reach us in time for the fairs -  we also need to prepare the logo in different digital versions for the first time, introduce new colors and formats for the print shop.. well the list is long. It's a mayhem mixed with utter delight!

We are participating in the design fair in Stockholm - FORMEX. For the occasion we have planned to have the logo sign in neon. It's gonna be just great and we can't wait! It is the perfect image and feel of our happy and colorful brand. 

Hoping to share a lot of great visuals soon!

See you In Sunny Mood!


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